Frank Bergmann Photography | About

"A photo that truly touches your heart is why I love, and do, photography."


I have been a photographer since my late teens, and the passion for this medium has followed me throughout my entire life. I have had breaks in between, where I did something completely different for a while, only to find me back on the art track a few months or years later!

The camera is a tool for me to communicate with the environment, and allows me to dive deeper into the world I love to explore. Photographing people feels like a great privilege to me, it allows me to connect on a much deeper level.

My photographic style is unobstructed and a more journalistic one. I don’t believe in posing or complicated setups. Available light, a matching location and the right “vibe” are my components to create the image. Emotion, atmosphere and expression matter more to me than the perfect setup, sharpness or photo-shopping.

Contact Frank or call on mob. 0400-752 902 for an enquiry.